I always wonder how Sandsminds can come up with so many ideas and products for sale.  Products that were created by Sandsminds Creative Lab seems like a factory churning out products to make money.  I’m not saying that is a bad thing, occasionally, they do have good products.  As for flashy, I’m kinda mixed here.
Flashy allows you to visually vanish a Smartphone with the blink of the flash of the Smartphone.  While the method and effect is not new, the gimmick’s material is new (at least to my knowledge).  While this material is more sturdy than the traditional material, I have a feeling that this won’t last due to repeated use. 

Eventually, this will wear out and I don’t know if this is easily replaceable.  Sandsminds call this “The System” it sounds really cool but not so after you see what “The System” consists of.

Apart from vanishing phones, you can also use this to vanish anything that has a hard and smooth surface such as a credit card.  While I like the effect, I don’t like the way the phone is being held prior to the vanish, it just looks like the magician is doing something fishy for the get ready.  The flash of the camera helps to make the vanish looks more magical but I think the flash is not mandatory.

Flashy is limited to what it can vanish due to the gimmick used.  A more versatile prop would be Gecko.  Gecko can do what Flashy can and also do what Flashy can’t.  Both gimmick requires you to wear a jacket to perform it.  Another option is to use a Topit, no get ready prior to vanish.

I like the effect but I’m not overly impressed by it as there are many other options out there for the same effect.  At US$29.95, the price is not very attractive too.
Rating: 6/10.