When was the last time you got excited by a coin DVD?  For me, it was a few years back when Ponta The Smith released his DVD “Sick”.   His coin moves are so fluid and graceful and truly looks like real magic.  Now I am excited by Coin by Eric Chien.  If you have seen his trailer, you’d know what I mean.

Coin workers may know that this move was based on some classic coin sleight and most may not know how it was executed as Chien does it very smoothly.  The whole DVD is based on this 1 move and this is a useful, magical and visual coin sleight.

When I first learn the classic version of this vanish, it was from David Roth’s VHS.  That sleight is not difficult.  The difficult part is actually the timing of closing your hand around the coin before the coin vanishes.  Chien’s version requires more work on the move as well as the timing.  To do this well, I guess you’d have to invest some time to practice it to make it look magical.

The DVD teaches you how to execute the move with detailed explanation as well as slow motion and exposed view.  Once you have learn the basic move, you can move on to the routines that uses this move.  The routines included are shown in the trailer and you can expect to learn those from this DVD.  The Spellbound routine taught in the DVD belongs to Ponta The Smith and Chien modified part of Ponta’s Spellbound using his move.  The end result is a beautiful and visual Spellbound routine.  The rest of the routine are variations of a instant visual coin change.  There is also a coins across routine using a coin gaff and his move.

When I first saw the trailer, I was so eager to get my hands on the DVD and when I finally had a copy in my hands, the temptation of wanting to know how it was done was too much for me to wait.

I had to ask my wife to stop work so that I can use her laptop to watch it.  She only gave me 10 mins to watch it as she needs to get back to her work.  After watching it and a few hours of practice, this was the result.


I still need some practice there.  The video is to show you that this move can be done.  I have done Roth’s version for some time now and learning Chien’s version is not too difficult.  I’d need more practice and to train some muscle memory and also change some finger movement habits.  For those who have not done Roth’s sleight before, I think it will take a bit of time to get it done right.  Nonetheless, this is not one of those DVD whereby they teach you something impossible to achieve.  Chien’s move is achievable if you invest enough time on practicing it. 

Coin workers should really get this, this move has many application and will be useful in your coin routines.            

Rating:  9.5/10 Highly Recommended!