ByJohn Teo

Oct 13, 2016

There is a popular card monte effect involving a spread of 5 cards.  Usually these 5 cards are glued together to make it easier to hold the spread.  The middle card is different from the other 4 cards.  It is usually a picture card whereas the other 4 cards are not.  Or it is the only red card or the only black card in the spread. 

A spectator is given a small paper clip and is told to clip the back of the middle card.  The spectator will always fail to clip the correct card.  Even when the spectator knows the secret, it will take her a while before she can fully appreciate what has been going on.  It is an effective little trick that is found in a beginner’s magic set.  There is no real ending for the trick.

Here comes Hiro Sakai who finds an interesting and practical ending to this trick.

In effect, the performer displays a spread of 5 cards held together by a large paper clip.  The 5 cards are the Ace of clubs, two of spades, three of hearts, four of clubs and five of spades.  The middle card, the three of hearts, is the only red colour card, and is the odd card in the spread.

A spectator is given a small paper clip.  The performer turns around the spread of 5 cards so that their backs are showing.  The spectator has to clip the odd red card from the back. 

When the spread of cards is turned over, the spectator will find that she had clipped the Ace of clubs instead!  The performer remarks that perhaps the large paper clip is causing some confusion.  The spread of cards is turned over, and the clip is removed.  The spectator has another go at clipping the odd red card.  She is quite certain she has clipped the middle card.  When this card is turned over, she has clipped the Ace of clubs again!  She does not understand.

The performer tells her she that she has no chance at all.  He turns over each of the other 4 cards.  They are all Aces of clubs!  There is no trace of the two, four, five or the red three.  Everything can be examined.

The effect is simple to perform and is highly deceptive.  You receive all the 5 cards, including a special gimmick.  The original set from Japan does not include the 2 paper clips.  Redefine Magic Outlet will provide you the 2 clips at no extra charge so that you can perform the effect straight away.


Highly recommended!