Unbound is an impromptu ungimmicked Invisible Deck, at least for 1 version.  There are a few versions where some requires some setup and even a gimmicked box version.

I’m pretty sure most magicians will have at least bought 1 Invisible deck before.  While some use this very often, some people (that’s me) will put it in the drawer to collect dust.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the effect.  Very often, prolong storage or usage will make the deck not as effective as it use to be.  With Unbound, you won’t have that problem anymore.  Having said that, you will have some problems if you want to use Unbound and that is practiceJ.  It’s not easy; you will need to have lots of practice before you can perform it.  The good thing for this version is that you can perform it with a brand new deck or a borrowed deck.  There is even an ungimmciked (but not impromptu) version of a Brainwave deck.  The Brainwave deck effect looks great!  Apart from learning the sleights, you will also need to learn some equivoque.

One of the routine that caught my attention was Akerman’s opener.  This routine is a non-gimmicked ID combined with Triumph routine and a memorised deck routine.   This one is really cool but tough work.  Purist will have fun with this.  While I enjoyed this routine, I can’t imagine how it would look like for me to put in effort to learn this.   Haha,I liked it, but I don’t like to practice this J.

There are tons of info and the effect is taught in great detail.  However, the question you want to ask yourself is….. do you want to go through all these when you have the gimmicked version?  For me, I think it is too much of a hassle when there are easier gimmicked versions to perform the same effect.  I think the gimmicked version looks better too.  Of course there are purists who would put this to the test.

Lots of info, lots of materials and of course lots of practice.  Suitable for some but not for all.

Rating: 6/10