X-RAY by Ramus

ByJohn Teo

Oct 13, 2016

Max Maven’s Kurotsuke and Charles Gaucci’s Eye to Eye are 2 effects that many magicians use.  Over the years, there are many variations and some of there are even better than the original version.

There are different versions of Kurotsuke such Marc Oberon’s Oddball, Charles Gaucci’s Body Language, Jean-Pierre Vallarino’s Hand in The Bag.  And there are even more versions of Gaucci’s Eye to Eye, they are Outlaw Effects’ The Relic, Child’s Play, Vino Sense by Spencer and many more electronic versions.

When I attended Gaucci’s lecture 10 years ago, I was so excited and happy to get hold of his Body Language.  At that time, it was state of the art and there was no PK Ring at that time.  Body Language was very expensive at that time but magicians are suckers who will pay whatever it takes to get hold of something they fancyJ.  The effect is good and the method is clever.

For X-ray, you get 2 routines for the price of 1.  With X-ray, you can do Kurotsuke and Eye to Eye and yes, they are 100% accurate without any electronic parts.  The gimmick is rather simple but most importantly, very effective.  When I first saw the package, I thought it was very clever to use something that magician has always been using.  When I tried it before I watched the video, I was a bit skeptical as it was not really working as what I expected.  After watching the video and learning the proper method, I was truly impressed by it.

The pic here shows what you get from the package.  I have left out the gimmick for obvious reason.   The balls are rather small but it will not affect your performance (funny sentence eh? haha).  The metal box is resting on a velvet bag that is included for you to use for the Kurotsuke effect.  The card shows you the link and password for you to watch the instructions.  The video is very detailed and you will be performing this very soon after watching the video.  There is also an additional routine whereby it’s similar to Deddy Corbuzier’s Free will, only difference is you really know which hands has what and what is in the pocket.  I think a good patter is very important for such effects and you will probably spend more time learning your patter than learning the execution. 

For those who is already performing Kurotsuke and Eye to Eye, you will have no problem adapting to this method.  For those who have never performed these 2 effects before, this is the time to do it as with Xray, it will be very easy on the method as well as easy on the wallet.

Rating:  I am really excited about this product and its not easy to get excited about new effects these days.

9/10 Highly Recommended!