With smart phones being the main wireless communication device, magic with smart phones is topical.  There are dozens of magic applications for smart phones in the market.  What makes this effect different from other tricks with smart phone is that it is not application based.  This fact alone offers a lot of avenue for comedy.  Fancy trying to simulate an electronic effect of a smart phone by merely using mechanical means!

In effect, here is what happens.  You show a paper model of what appears to be an iPhone 4.  The audience will smile when shown a paper model of an iPhone.  To use the iPhone, one has to “unlock” the screen.  With the finger of the other hand, you swipe the screen.  Suddenly, the cover picture of the iPhone is slid out and falls away, revealing another picture of the iPhone with a picture of a face of a kitten on the screen (apparently the wall-paper) beneath it.  This gets another chuckle, as the screen is now :unlocked”.

Then you “pinch” the screen and the picture of the kitten’s face become very small!  Another chuckle from the audience!  You “unpich” and the picture returns to normal size.  If you wish to see a larger picture of the screen, an iPad is better.  As you utter these words, the iPhone visually expands to the size of an iPad!

Remove the iPad.  Show the iPhone 4 with icons on the screen.  Visually, the iPhone now becomes a little longer.  You say that “this is iPhone 5.”  Now the iPhone becomes very long such that it is not so practical to hold in your hand.  You then say “this is iPhone 10!”

You shrink the iPhone 10 back to iPhone 4.  This time, when you stretch the iphone again, it becomes very long, about 25 inchese in total length, complete with more than 110 colourful aplication icons on the elongated black screen.  Obviousy, this makes it impractical to carry around!  “This is iPhone 20!” you say.  This makes a very visual and climatic ending, and is a sure cue for applause!

You receive all the gimmicked paper iPhones.  They are very well made in laminated paper and seems to be quite durable.  The paper iPhones are stiff enough so that it makes the various handling easy.  It is not difficult to do.  You need to remember the stacking order and the patter for the various phases of the effects.  There are 4 disctict phases of the effect.  Reset is quite quick.  It can be done surrounded.  It is suitable for both close-up and parlour performances.  It comes with 2 pages of written instructions with colourful photographs.

This is a timeless piece of magic.  Even if Apple eventually develops a new model iPhone such that it no longer resembles the iPhone 4 or its derivatives, the fact that the climax is an iPhone 20 still makes it relevant!  You simple need to weave into the patter the latest iPhone model!  If you have an android smart phone, this is still a relevant trick because it involves the smart phone.

If you like comedy magic, you should not let this one by.

Highly recommended!