Another organic effect (as stated by SansMinds) of a straw going through the cap of a water bottle, the cap then disappears and reappears and handed out for examination.

Seems like SansMinds always like to use the word “organic” when they are describing their effects.  When they talk about their effect, they are always full of energy….. as if their effect is the next best invention since sliced bread.  At times I can find it quite irritating, especially when you see many of their DVDs having the same pitching style.

Let’s talk about the effect.  The penetration of the straw through the cap is pretty easy to understand and perform.  However, somehow, I feel that the penetration doesn’t look good.  The straw seems to be going in too easily, much like passing through a big hole.  For the vanishing of the cap, it took me a while to register that they are trying to show the cap vanished.  The appearance of the cap is also not convincing for me.  Preparing the bottle is pretty easy and the reset is almost instant.   There is a performance angle you have to take note of. 

I don’t really like this effect.  This shouldn’t even be out in the market as a standalone effect.  A similar and much stronger effect would be Skycap by Luke Dancy.  At $19.95, this is a rip off.

Rating:  2/10, perhaps it’s about time SansMinds filter their magic release.  No doubt SansMinds have good releases but nowadays, it is very obvious that they are more interested in making money rather than releasing decent products.  Don’t bother about this effect.