When I first saw Harbottle’s magic, it was on VHS under Curtis Kam’s Palms of Steel one.  He left a deep impression on me as his coin magic was graceful and at the same time very tough.  I have no doubt many people like him and his coin magic and at the same time, I don’t think many will do his routine as they are not so easy.

Victorian Coins and Glass fall in between easy and tough and it’s actually quite doable.   What you get is a very nice glass and a DVD.  The design of the glass makes it very easy to manipulate the coins and perform Harbottle’s routine.  You will need to provide your own special coin in order to do his routine.  This gimmick is very common and serious coin magician would already have it.

The moves taught in the DVD are refreshing and they are not your standard coin moves.  While some of the moves are not so easy, you can always substitute it with other moves.  With the glass, it aids in hiding the coin in plain sight.  You can see from the top down pic here.


The routine is basically a coins across routine done on a glass.  It has a lot of audience participation and it will make your spectator seems like they are doing the magic, especially when they are holding the coins/ glass when the coins travels.  The coins travels one at a time and every time the coin travels, it seems to be more impossible than the one before.

There are also 2 bonus routines included to be used with the glass. The first one is a 4 coin production and the second one is a copper silver transpo routine.

With this glass, you can do a lot more than what is taught in the dvd.  The moves taught in the DVD can also be applied to your regular coin magic.  At $30, I think this is worth it as the glass is not some cheapo prop that you see many magician put out these days just to make a buck.

Rating:  Tough but doable coin magic.  Highly recommended 8.5/10