A total of 34 people, including guest Ning Cai, who was one of our past members, attended our October meeting which was held for the second time at our new venue, the Catholic Centre. Our usual venue at the BayView Hotel is presently closed because it was undergoing a major renovation until the middle of next year.

The theme for the evening was Mental Magic. Ning Cai made an announcement of the forth-coming release of a new book she co-wrote with our President John Teo. John Teo announced the recent brain surgery of Ng Ki Chi, the son of The Great Wong, and currently our honorary member. John asked all members to pray for his speedy recovery. The co-ordinators were Derek Lee and Victor Heng.

The first performer was Charles Choo, who successfully divined one of dozens of different animals mentally selected by a his guest.

Leo Qi Jun took his Induction Test. His repertoire consisted of the $14 colour monte, a packet effect comprising a nonconformity of various cards, and a John Bannon’s effect where 2 Jokers found 2 cards which led to a third card at a specific location in the deck

Dr Ray Loh, who joined us recently at the last meeting, did a card routine in which he magically changed a deck of red backs into blue backs, found a chosen card, and divined a total of 5 cards, selected by each of 5 spectators.

Nique Tan was our Magician-Of-The-Month. He gave an interesting lecture on the 4 F’s of mental magic, and demonstrated what he spoke about with an effect from “The 13 Steps Of Mentalism”.

Jeremy Pei did a dealer’s demonstration which comprised Comedy Card Babies, a specially gimmicked die, a soft version of the nest-of-wallets, a die prediction box, instant blanks to US bills, and 2 children’s effects, of which one involved the characters of the Frozen movie, and the other one involved a happy birthday celebration

A 15-minutes break with food and coffee and tea enabled members to have fellowship with one another and to patronise the dealer’s booth

After the break, President John Teo performed an interesting effect involving audience “cue cards”. The audience reacted to each cue card and he was able to predict which one of the many cue cards was chosen by a guest. His next effect involved the popular BIP Book. He was able to reveal the thoughts of 5 guests involving a time, a word, a design, a country and a 3-digit number.

Vice-President Enrico Varella did a variation ot Wayne Dobson’s “Wayne’s Exchange” in which his guest chose “EAT”, one of many action words, but he led all of us to think that the spectator had picked “SEX”. Subsequently, his questions to this spectator concerning the “chosen” word caused much laughter! Eventually, his revelation of “SEX” magically changed into the correct word “EAT”.

Tommy Chiang illustrated his encounter with a conman by inviting his guest to act as the victim. He got him to write down any 3 items each on a piece of paper torn from a notebook. Each piece of paper was crushed and placed into the guest’s pocket. As the conman, Tommy correspondingly wrote his prediction on the back of each card, crushed the cards and placed them into the guest’s other pocket. When the crushed pieces of paper and card were retrieved, they both matched.

Lim Teck Guan performed a classic Tenyo effect. A finger ring was isolated in a small, enclosed, see-through crystal box. He covered this box fully with a taller, opaque, fitting container over it. He then inserted a tiny ‘sword’ horizontally through the container near its top. He then pushed the ‘sword’ downwards along the height of the container until it reached near its bottom. When the container was removed, the ‘sword’ had magically pierced through the ring in the enclosed crystal box.

Jeremy Pei rounded off the evening with a performance. He had a deck of cards with different names of designer’s brand written on the back. His guest randomly picked a card which corresponded to the designer brand, Paul Smith. Jeremy went on to show that his guest was unknowingly influenced to choose this brand because his shirt, his shoes and his bag all wore the brand Paul Smith. He next played a game of Tic-Tac-Toe with a guest. Although the game ended with a draw, he proved he knew about this by turning over the completed game. On the other side was a complete picture of the IBM logo! The meeting ended at 10 pm.