Alakazam Magic has purchased the rights to the Hideout V2 Wallet from Outlaw Effects.
This is a good thing because Alakazam Magic specializes in mentalism effects and a gimmicked wallet such as this is primarily used in mentalism. Alakazam Magic has slightly redesigned the wallet.
What you receive are the Hideout V2 (version 2) Wallet and an instructional DVD.
The wallet is a bill-fold type wallet made from leather. It is very well made by Tony Curtis Magic for Alakazam Magic.
The Wallet has the following functions:
• Pockets or slots for billets. There is a generous supply of these pockets. They are also designed to be wide and deep enough for a poker-sized playing card to be placed lengthwise in them.
• Switching device. The panels that contain the items to be switched can be magnetically-locked.
• Peeking-device. There is a window panel made with a special filter that provides some cloaking function to aid you in secretly peeking the information.
The accompanying DVD is well produced to Alakazam Magic’s usual high standard. Peter Nardi takes you through the properties and usage of the wallet. He then performs and explains 3 routines using the Hideout V2 Wallet. The 3 effects are:
On The Money
The performer borrows 2 bills from the audience. They are folded with their serial numbers hidden inside, and placed in the wallet for safe keeping. Another spectator decides on one of the bills. The performer can instantly divine and write the serial number of this bill on the back of his business card.
The performer shows that he has a face-down prediction card as well as a £5 note inside his wallet. 5 different ESP cards are mixed and one random card is freely chosen by a spectator ,and placed aside on the table face downwards. The performer takes out his prediction card from the wallet as well as the £5 note. The £5 note will be his default if he fails to predict the correct card. Both the selected card and the prediction card are turned over to show that they match exactly. The performer gets to keep his £5 note.
Spectator Is The Mindreader
Spectator writes the name of a random object on the back of the performer’s business card which is then inserted face downwards in his wallet for safe keeping. A book is introduced and the performer projects a page number to the spectator. The spectator names the page number she apparently receives from the performer, and remembers the first word on that page in the book. The performer then takes out a prediction from his wallet and shows that the spectator has indeed read the exact same word in the book. The performer then proceeds to draw a picture of the object first thought-of by the spectator.
The last effect uses the Oasis Booktest gimmicked book. The 3 effects are merely examples of what can be done with the Hideout V2 Wallet. It is a versatile prop capable of numerous applications, and yet looks ordinary. (8/10 star rating.)