As its name suggests, Instant T is an instantaneous change of a playing card into a sachet of instant tea, complete with a string and the square paper label.  It is also a card to impossible location.  And where is the impossible location?  Inside a sealed sachet of tea – one has to tear the sachet open in order to find the chosen card nicely folded into quarters, and attached to the string with the square label.

This is how the basic routine looks like.  A card is selected and then lost into the deck.  The performer brings out his prediction card, but it is of the wrong back colour.  Feeling rather disappointed, he changes it instantly into a sachet of instant tea.  He then proceeds to tear the paper sachet.  Inside it is the chosen card neatly folded into quarters and attached to a string connected to its small square label.

You receive the following:
• A specially gimmicked paper tea sachet
• 50 replacement paper sachets
• 50 tea labels, each complete with a string
• A very nice yellow colour tea box which is self-locking
• A link to a video instructions which is more than 60 minutes long
The transformation of a playing card into the sachet of tea is indeed very visual.  The performer handles the playing card freely, throwing it into the air and catching it with his hand.  It does not appear to be prepared in any way.  Yet, instantly, it changes into a sachet of tea and the performer is now holding the small square label complete with a string, and at the other of which is a paper tea sachet.  This will catch any audience unaware.  The transformed sachet of tea can be freely shown all around.

This gimmicked sachet is sturdily made and should be able to last through many performances.  Resetting the gimmick for the next performance is also very fast – it is a matter of a couple of seconds.

The instructional videos are quite easy to follow, despite the fact that The French Twins speak with limited knowledge of the English language.  They offer several variations in handling as well as in presentation.

The chosen card can even be signed, or torn up into pieces and later one of its torn pieces that was retained matches with the restored card found inside the tea sachet.  In order to do the signed card routine, you need to learn the Mercury card fold.  This and other card sleights such as copping a card and different card forces, are well taught by the French Twins.

There is a nice routine where one spectator selects a country, say, England, and another spectator selects USA.  A playing card transforms into a tea sachet, tea being the favourite drink of the English people.  Inside the tea sachet is the crown of a Coke bottle, Coke signifies the favourite drink of the American people.

You are also taught in the video how to load small items, such as a finger ring, into the tea sachet.

Instant T can be performed close-up, in a cabaret or stage setting.  There is a mental effect where the performer is able to predict onto a spectator’s chosen card who this spectator is having tea with, and also the venue, time and date she is having tea with this person.

The transformation of the playing card to a tea sachet cannot be performed surrounded.  Some form of audience management is also required to present Instant T.  However, the visual change of a playing card to a tea sachet itself is guaranteed to wow any audience.  (8/10 star rating).