This is a novelty card trick.

In effect, a card is selected and then lost in the deck.

The performer brings out a picture of a miniaturised dard board.  The spectator who selected the card is given an “invisible” dart and asked to “throw” this dart at the dart board.
When he does so, the performer shakes his dart board.  Visually, a picture of a dart suddenly appears, impaling the dart board.  This dart is also seen piercing through a small card that has the exact identity of the chosen card.

The imaginery dart has magically materialised and found the selected card as well!  This will bring an expression of awe from the audience.
The performer then shakes the dart board again.  This time, the picture of the dart and the chosen card vanish.  When the performer opens up his other hand, inside his palm is seen a physical manifestation of the red miniature dart with its tip still piercing through a small card that has the identity of the selected card.  The 2-dimentional dart and card have become 3-dimentional and real in the performer’s hand.  A befitting close to a novel and blaffing effect.

You are supplied the specially gimmicked picture of the dart board, 2 miniaturised red darts (one is for spare), 10 specially printed stickers depicting the seven of hearts, and a sheet of printed instructions.

The spare stickers that are provided allow you to have various endings.

In one, the miniaturised red dart manifests itself physically but not the small card.  This is then found stuck to the body of the spectator who selected the card.

In another, the seven of hearts is not the selected card.  Let us say the chosen card is the four of spades.  When the small card appears, the audience thinks the performer has made a mistake.  The miniaturised red dart then manifests itself physically but not the tiny card.  When the deck of cards is spread face downwards, the seven of hearts sticker is found stuck to the back of one card.  When this card is turned over, it is ideed the four of spades.

The effect is easy to do, and reset instantly.

This is a card trick that involves a dart board.  A novelty effect never fails to bring excitement to any audience.

Highly recommended!