Another coin bender, there are already many versions out there, is this for you?   Read on.

My last review of a coin bender was the Biobender, the Biobender was actually not bad.  The gimmick is hidden in plain sight.  As for Ox Bender, you will need to palm it to hide it.  Palming it is no big deal as the gimmick is small.

All coin bender’s end result is almost the same.  The difference with using Ox Bender is that you only use 1 hand to bend it and the bent on the coin is curve and without any scratch marks.  You can also bend spoons and keys (spiral twist).   Loading the coin into the gimmick is also a breeze as the gimmick is designed in such a way whereby there is a guide built-in for easy load.  I tested the Oxbender and the bend was pretty easy for me.  Unlike Biobender, Ox Bender is able to bend thicker coins like Singapore’s $1 coin.

Now for the downside, though you can bend thicker coins, you can’t bend embedded coins that is made of 2 metals, e.g. new S$1 coin.  I asked a female colleague to try the bend and she says that she doesn’t have enough strength to bend it using 1 hand.  In the explanation video, you are encouraged to train by squeezing the hand grip strengthener .

The Oxbender is a good coin bender (that is if you are strong enough to use 1 hand).  What impresses me is the ability to spiral twist a spoon and a key.  This is something that you can’t do with other coin benders.

Rating:  8/10.  Cool coin bender.  Recommended.