The name of this effect, ROCA, is an abreviation for Rope Caterpillar.
It is a delightful and unique rope routine invented by South Korean magician Moon Tae-Hyun, who is himself a multi-award performer.
In effect, the performer takes a piece of white rope and ties a knot on it.  He then slips this knot off the rope.  To the lay audience, seeing an isolated knot is strange indeed.  He puts the rope aside and proceeds to untie the knot into a short piece of white rope about 7” long.  Suddenly, this short piece of rope becomes alive!  It magically wriggles along his arm like a white caterpillar.  It weaves through the fingers of both his hands.  Ocassionally, it attempts to jump off the performer, but he manages to catch it before it lands up somewhere else.  Sometimes, it clings to the performer’s arm or finger.  The animation of this short rope is most weird, but it is fun to watch!  Finally, the rope caterpillar changes into a cigarette for the performer.
The animation of the short piece of rope looks like the colourful magic caterpillar that is sold widely in magic and other shops for children, which works with an invisible thread.  This rope caterpillar does not use thread.  It makes brilliant use of a common gimmick that is familiar with professional magicians.
You receive the very well-made rope in white colour which is approximately 27” long.  At a thickness of about 0.5”, it shows up very well on stage.  You also receive 2 rope gimmicks.  The rope caterpillar is about 7” long and comes with the animation gimmick. 
Instructions is in the form of a DVD.  In the video, Moon Tae-Hyun takes you through the entire routine.  He provides various handlings so that you can choose the one that suits you best. 
Moon Tae-Hyun also shows 2 other ways of ending the routine.  Instead of the caterpillar changing into a cigrette, it can also vanish magically when placed inside his palm, or change back into the isolated knot.
Roca is a revolution in rope magic.  Most rope magic involves cutting and restoring the rope.  In Roca, the knot that is slid off the rope is untied and it becomes a caterpiller.  It moves all over the performer’s hands and arm.  Finally, it vanishes or changes back to the know, or becomes a cigerette.  It is a short routine, having a starting and ending point.  This effect is best performed as a parlour or stage setting, not close-up. 
Roca is not self-working.  You need to practise and get used to handling the animation gimmick.  But nothing difficult.  You will soon be able to perform the entire routine within a short period of practice.
Roca is a well made and professional rope effect.  You will be proud to own it, and above all, you will want to perform it because it is an unique rope routine that is not commonly seen by anybody.
Highly recommended!