Visions” by Matthew Wright is both an usual card revelation and a drawing duplication effect using a deck of playing cards.

In actual performance, the performer says he tries to establish a mental connection with a spectator.  He asks her to think of a simple drawing that a child might draw, but not one that consists simply of a shape such as a square or circle or triangle.  Let us say she says a tree.  The performer exclaims excitingly that his favourite picture is also that of a tree, and therefore they are both in sync with one another!  The audience is smiling because the performer merely repeats the object uttered by the spectator.

The performer then brings out a deck of cards and asks the spectator to cut it anywhere she likes.  The card cut to is shown to be, say, Queen of Diamonds.  The performer then says that his favourite card is also the Queen of Diamonds.  This time, the audience laughs because the performer claims a second time that his favourite card also matches the selected card after he sees that card.

To prove it is his favourite card, he takes out the Queen of Diamonds from his trouser pocket.  Now the audience laughs for a different reason – the performer somehow is able to quickly take out a duplicate of the exact chosen card from his pocket.

To show the audience why this is his favourite card, the performer turns the card over to reveal that on the back of this card, which is of a different colour (red) to the deck in use (blue), is a simple drawing of a tree – his favourite picture!  Usually, at this stage, in addition to laughing out loud, the audience cannot help it but to applause standing up!

The ending has such a devastating effect on the audience because nobody can see this kicker climax coming!

You receive the special deck that comprises half blue back bicycle cards and half red bicycle back cards.  The red cards have most of the drawings already printed on their backs.  You are also supplied a small gimmicked envelope made of indestructible paper, a DIY item to complete your customization of the deck of cards, and a password to download the instructional video.
In the video, Matthew Wright explains how to finish customizing and assembling your deck of cards.  This is quite easy to do since almost all of the drawings on the backs of the red cards have been prepared for you.

What is of great interest is Matthew’s exposition on the psychology of the pictures chosen by him.  He also gives you very easy outs if the selected drawing is not what you have expected from a spectator. 

In the video, Matthew also teaches you another presentation using the gimmicked enveloped supplied. 

In this presentation, the envelope is first placed conspicuously on the table.  After the spectator revealed her favourite simple drawing and selected her card, the prediction envelope is opened to reveal that inside it is his business card which is clipped to a playing card that is a duplicate of the spectator’s chosen card.  When this card is turned over, it is shown to have a different colour back and has the spectator’s favouite drawing printed on it!

If you possess a peek wallet as well as one that allows card to wallet effect, you can have a different presentation in which the spectator does not have to reveal her favourite drawing to you.  She merely draws her picture on a business card and you keep it safe inside your wallet.  Later, in a different and zippered compartment in your wallet, you take out your favourite card that is a duplicate of her chosen card and it has a duplicate of her drawing on its back.

It is a mentalism effect that has comedy built-in as well.  The entire effect is self-contained and does not require pre-show, stooges, secret or pocket writing.  It resets easily and is ideal for walk-around performances.  Yet, it is suitable for parlour or even stage. 

The effect is adapted from Eugene Burger’s “Thought Stealer” and Chris Rawlins’ “I.D.D.”  It does not require difficult sleight-of-hand.  If you perform the basic effect as described earlier, the audience will not see the climax coming.  The ending really kills them!  (10/10 stars rating).