Our October meeting saw an attendance of 23 members at the Chinese Success Media at Bras Basah Complex. The theme for the evening was “My Favourite Openers”. It was hosted by Enrico Varella and Victor Heng.

The first performer was Jeremy Pei. He presented his newly put together stage act which comprised colour changing and vanishing records, and a vanishing old fashion type bulky radio. This was followed by instant solved Rubik Cube in paper bag as well as a new version of instant solved 2 x 2 colur cube which magically transformed into 2 stars.
The next performer was Lim Teck Guan. He wrapped a piece of mirror with newspapers and proceeded to pierce it with a sharp knitting-type needle and then bent the mirror in half. The mirror was recovered unharmed.

Young Collier Ow was next. He did a visual triumph-type card effect where the chosen card was lost in a mixed-up face-up and face-down deck, yet the deck straightened itself up face-downwards while the chosen card remained face-up.

Gician Tan found a chosen card lost in the deck by placing the deck inside its case and then “shot” the chosen card out of the deck and case. He then gave a short teach-in on using the vanishing and reappearing candles.

John Teo demonstrated his 2 favourite openers. He performed his own version of an old effect using miniaturised playing cards called “Midget-Sextet”. The chosen card not only appeared to be the only red card, it also magically transformed into a normal sized playing card. His second opener was Max Maven’s “Maybe”, a comedy prediction effect.

Kenneth Yeo put together a very nice routine using a Svengali Deck. The act was well constructed that even magicians would not suspect a Svengali Deck was in play. He also demonstrated through a sandwich effect the various applications of a specially treated card. Both the deck and special card were available for sale at his dealer’s booth.

Continuing with dealer’s demonstration was Jeremy Pei, who showed Dean’s Switch Wallet with a routine involving divining the serial number of a borrowed bill, Silk Through Phone, Jumbo ‘Your Card’ Gag, Multiplying Carrots and Rabbit in Hat, Pin-Ball Mystery and 3 Colour Rings Blendo.

A break with snacks and coffee allowed members to interact with one another as well as to patronise the dealer’s booths.

After the interval, Lim Kai Seng took his Induction Test. Assuming the persona of a Medicine Man Pitchman, he proceeded to sell 3 types of Marvin’s Charms. In the process, he produced bills from bare hands and performed a jumbo card prediction.

Ashish Lodhavia showed a series of visual colour changes with a fan of cards. Blanks changed to faces and the backs of the cards changed colour too.

In a “Mother Of All Book Test”, Michael Lee divined a word randomly selected by a helper from a book. This was followed by a version of Larry Becker’s “Minding The Store” where Michael could tell the room number as well as the hotel selected by another person.

Chua Eng Hock demonstrated bare-hand transformation of blanks to bills.

Victor Heng presented his own version of “Chair Test” where not only he revealed who sat on which chair, but also in whose and which hand a rolled up paper ball would end up in. His second effect was an ACAAN.

Kenneth Yeo took to the table again and caused the backs of all 3 chosen cards to turn from red to blue.

Gician Tan showed the world’s thinnest deck of cards by perpetually shuffle 2 pieces of playing cards.

Baharudin performed a “Trilogy” type effect with a deck of cards that had random numbers printed on their backs. 3 cards were freely selected and they matched a photo prediction.

To close the evening, Jeremy Pei showed sponge eyeball and a well-made finger chopper.