When I saw the trailer, the first thing I thought of was, now I can officially get someone to touch my breast, I mean chest ?.  The effect looks really cool and magical.  Take a look at the trailer and you will know what I am talking about.

Attire is a very short effect, in fact it is good for introducing a sharpie, a lead-in to other effects.  It comes with an iron-on that looks like a sharpie cap as well as a gimmick.  Before you perform it, you will need to prepare a set-up.  The original idea was to really iron it to your t-shirt, but they have since come out with an alternate method whereby you don’t have to iron it permanently to your t-shirt.  With the new method, you can perform Attire in any t-shirt, the only downside with any t-shirt is that you will need to do a setup every time you perform.  To do the new set-up, you’d need to use a special something which is easily available in art store.

Attire really looks like you are pulling a sharpie out of your “pocket”. Besides pulling sharpies out, there are other variation where you can also pull silks out from that “pocket”.  I guess you can produce many other items if you are creative enough.

Rather than bringing out a sharpie from your pocket, with Attire, you can magically produce it.  This will elevate your status as a serious magician because you just pulled a sharpie out of an iron-on.  I truly believe that this will make your performance more interesting.

If you often use sharpies in your performances, you should really get this.