Many of you know I am a fan of rubber band magic.  I released my effect Really Linked many years ago.  There are many rubber band effects out there and the most popular one would be Penetrating Rubber Bands by Arthur Setterington.  This effect is better known as Crazy Man’s Handcuff made popular by Dan Harlan and Michael Ammar.

TRU is a multi-phase routine whereby each phase looks more impossible than the previous phase.  The package comes with a link to download/stream the video as well as some rubber bands.  The rubber bands are of very high quality made by Joe Rindfleisch.  The rubber bands are latex free and comes in black and white color.  They will last you a long time.  If you need other colors, you can get it from your favourite dealer. 

Anyway, while watching the demo on the instruction video, I was really impressed.  There are so many rubber band effects out there and I really doubt anyone can come out with something different and unique.  TRU is something different and unique.  While the effect looks really nice, the method is simple enough to understand but a little tough to execute.  Don’t expect to be able to do the routine within an hour of watching the video.  You will need some practice or rather, you will need a lot of practice.

The basic effect is that the rubber band penetrating the fingers in various impossible way.  There is a phase where the rubber band penetrates your finger into your spectator’s finger, that is so visual and magical.  There is also a phase where you use the cables of your earphones.  Lindenfeld also shared a version using a hairband.

Anyone who likes rubber band magic should take a look at this.  This is good stuff.

Rating: Recommended. 8.5/10