There are 2 effects here that are related to one another.  And they are both available from the same supplier.

One of them is called “Jewel Box Prediction” and the other is known as “Prediction Dice”.  We shall discuss the Jewel Box Prediction first.

This is a polished wooden box measuring 5” long X 3.5” wide X 2.5” high when closed.  Inside the box are 6 compartments.  Each compartment contains a different coloured precious gem stones.  They are: ruby (red colour), diamond (white colour), yellow sapphire (yellow colour), blue sapphire (blue colour), emerald (green colour) and amethyst (purple colour).  There is a sliding drawer near the bottom of the box.  The entire prop looks interesting and rather mysterious.

Here is the basic effect.  The lid is lifted up to show the 6 colour jewels.  A spectator chooses one by taking the gem stone out of the box.  Let us assume she chooses the ruby (red colour stone).  At this point, the performer can say something about the properties of ruby that was chosen and what this gem stone means to the spectator.  The jewel is replaced back into the box.  The performer says he already knows, from the personality of the spectator, that she will choose that particular gem stone.  To prove this, the performer slides out the drawer and it contains a miniaturised red ruby stone. 

Prediction Dice has a similar effect.  Instead of the 6 gem stones, the box contains 6 dice, each with a different number side facing upwards.  The prediction in the drawer is a chip with the selected number printed on it.

You receive the appropriate box (that contains the jewels or the dice), and a sheet of written instructions.  You will be able to perform the effect immediately after reading the instructions.

The effect is easy to perform and there is no angle problem.  There are no moves and it can be performed surrounded.  The reset is also very fast.  The secret is self-contained in the box.  The actions carried out by the spectator actually operates the effect.

This clever idea belongs to T.A.Waters.  It was mentioned in his monumental book called “Mind, Myth & Magick”.  It is the first effect desribed in the book and it appears on page 5.  The effect is called “Box Office”.  In this case, the box contains 12 different amulets instead of the 6 gem stones or dice.  The prediction is a folded piece of paper.  You can also adopt this method of revelation instead of the chip and miniaturised gem stone once you understand how the effect works.

You can watch a video performance by Jeremy Pei himself in this link:

If you like mentalism with colourful props, you will love the Jewel Box Prediction or Prediction Dice.  After the effect, the 6 gem stones or the 6 dice can be used in other magical effects. 

Highly recommended!