Mark Shortland’s AmazeBox, which it was first available, quickly became a classic utility device for mental magic.  If you do not know what it is, it is a box for switching billets or folded pieces of paper.

It is a paper box constructed out of cardboard, very much like the mailing box you purchase from your Post Office for mailing parcels.  It has a slot on the top for audience members to drop in their folded billets.  Later on, an audience member can open the box, and the original billets would have disappeared into a secret compatment.  What the person sees inside the box is a new (switched) set of billets.  The switch of the billets is quite indetectable.  The box looks ordinary and innocent.

This AmazeBox Kraft is the third generation, having gone through 2 stages of change and “improvements”.  The changes are:

This Box is larger than the first model, so that it can contain more billets.

It is made of stronger materials so that it will not buckle and last longer.

It has a magnetic locking system so that it is easier and quicker to assemble. 

It packs flat and smaller than previous models.

It comes with a nice and sturdy envelope useful for transportation.

It is made of kraft paper – perhaps, this is more natural looking than the previous completely white and completely black models.

Although it is stated that the box can switch up to 200 small billets, it is more practical to use for up to 60 or 100 billets.  This will ensure that the secret compartment will be able to close up nicely and not get jammed.  You will have to experient yourself with your type of folded paper.

You receive the AmazeBox Kraft in its flatten form inside a sturdy tranpostation envelope.  You are also given a password to download a 17 minutes video instructions. 

The video gives you instructions on how to properly assemble the box, and how to use it.

The best use for AmazeBox Kraft is for stage or parlour performances where there is a large crowd of people.  This switching device can be used for prediction, mind reading or forcing.  If you perform mental magic, you need to own an AmazeBox.  (9/10 star rating)