ByJohn Teo

Apr 28, 2019

Manufactured by: Vincent Di Fatta (Italy)

Sold By: Jeremy Pei

Fantasy Wallet is a Himber-Wallet type of folder that has 5 separate compartments.

If you are familiar with a Himber Wallet, this has only 2 compartments. You can secretly switch from one compartment to the other compartment simply by closing and then re-opening the wallet, and no one will be the wiser.

Its most useful application is to switch one item to another. You open the wallet, put in an item such as a playing card supposedly to keep it safe from prying hands. You then open the wallet to retrieve the playing card – the card has already been switched to

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another one without causing much suspicion to anyone.

Here are the main differences between the Fantasy Wallet and the Himber Wallet:

  1. Fantasy Wallet is not a wallet per se – it is therefore not designed to look like one with compartments for notes and credit cards. It is a simple folder like a book with only the front and back hard covers and without all its internal printed pages in-between.

  2. Fantasy Wallet is usually made of hard board and not manufactured out of leather.

  3. There are 5 compartments in a Fantasy Wallet instead of the usual 2 in a Himber Wallet.

  4. Fantasy Wallet is used for production of items instead of switching an item as in the use of the Himber Wallet.

  5. The fact that a Fantasy Wallet has several secret compartments is not concealed from the audience: a Himber wallet, however, appears to be an ordinary wallet used by men and the audience is not aware that it is gimmicked.

Here is the effect for Fantasy Wallet.

The performer opens the Fantasy Wallet to display a large colourful flower. This flower is put to one side. The performer closes the Wallet/Folder. When he opens it again, another large colourful flower emerges.
This one is also put aside. The Wallet is closed and then opens again – another colourful flower makes its appearance. This action can be carried out a total of 5 times, and each time, a different colour flower appears.

The Fantasy Wallet looks flat, and each time it is opened, a flower blooms and opens up. It is very visual and very entertaining to watch.

It is easy to perform – there is no sleight-of-hand involved. However, setting up the flowers inside the wallet may take a little getting used-to, but nothing difficult.

You receive the Fantasy Wallet and 6 large colourful spring flowers. The Wallet is black in colour and measures 10” X 6” when closed. The individual flower is 6.5” high and can open up to a width of 8.5”. The flowers come in 6 bright colours: yellow, breen, blue, purple and red (2 of them).

When you produce an individual flower each time, you can produce up to 5 flowers. To produce 6 flowers, your last production must be of 2 instead of 1 flower.

Because of its size, it is viaual and suitable for use on stage. The effect is colourful, and fast-paced. It is usually performed silent to background music as part of a longer routine. If you like this type of effect, this comes …

Highly Recommended!