This is a reprint of the book by the same name that was first published in 1980. It was written by the same author, Stephen Minch, and was available only as a soft cover, center-stitched book.

This is now re-edited, much more photographs as well as a new routine added in, and handsomely bound within hardcovers by Vanishing Inc.

It features 11 of the close-up magic of multi award-winning magician Daryl Martinez. Daryl was the Puerto Rican Gambler. The effects are:

  1. The Boomerang Card Of Mystery – a randomly named card acts as a boomerang and sails across from one hand and lands in the middle of the deck held in the other hand. Both the card above as well as below the boomerang card happen to be the 2 independent cards selected by 2 spectators. You are taught the Hofzinger Spread Cull and the Spin Cut Control.

  2. The Chicago Conspiracy – a variation of the first effect. The randomly named card does not boomerang but springs face-up into the middle of the deck trapping the 2 selections.

  3. Quick Silver – another variation of the first effect. Instead of the boomerang card, a coin is thrown and caught in the middle of the deck, sandwiched between 2 selections.

  4. Holding On – Daryl’s take on Alex Elmsley’s “Between The Palm” with a kicker finish. A random card placed beneath a spectator’s hand turns out to be the signed selection. 3 earlier failed attempts to find the chosen card turn out to be the 3 mates of the signed selection. You are taught Tommy Tucker’s Bluff Pass and Up-The-Ladder False Cut.

  5. The Puerto Rican Triumph – this is Vernon’s Triumph with the now classic Daryl’s “Puerto Rican Cutting Display”. The deck is mixed up with cards facing up and facing down. Magically, it straightens itself with the exception of the selection. You are taught Harry Lorayne’s Delayed Spread Pass.

  1. The Mysterious Cross Of India – 4 coins across from hand to hand without the need of hand-to-hand transfer or the use of an extra coin. Another Daryl’s classic.

  2. In The Pinch – an innovative use of the Piet Forton’s Pop-Up Move to trap a selection as a spectator dribbles half a deck of cards.

  3. Just Tweezing – a variation in the handling for “In The Pinch”.

  4. Conditional Assembly – Daryl’s take on the 4 Ace Assembly done with the Ace,

    Two, Three and Four of Diamonds.

10.Twisted Aces Redivivus – a variation of Dai Vernon’s Twisting The Aces in

which one Ace magically vanishes and found face upwards in the face-down

deck. You are taught the Stanyon Count.
11.Double Dazzling Triump – a bonus effect not found in the original book. It is a

triumph routine with 2 selected cards. The deck rights itself except 2 cards – these are indicator cards which are used to count to the 2 selected cards. As a climax, the deck also separates into reds and blacks.

All the effects, maybe with the exception of the coin trick, require intermediate skills in card handling. The various moves and sleights are used by Daryl to achieve certain psychological subtleties in the effects. You will also read about the “cancelling” principle or technique used by daryl in all his routines.

Stephen Minch writes well and with much humour. The various moves are clearly described with the aids of photographs. However, all the photographs in the book appear to be misty and blurred, although they do convey what they are supposed to.

Daryl is known as “The Magician’s Magician”. If you like Daryl’s magic, you will also enjoy his companion book, written by Stephen Minch and produced in the same style, entitled “For Your Entertainment Pleasure”. (9/10 star rating)