This is a novel prediction effect that, even if back-tracked, it is difficult to comprehend the method used.

In effect, a stack of cards is shown to have names of different animals printed on each of them. 

A spectator is asked to call out any number between 1 and 10.  The cards are dealt out and counted one at a time to this number.  As the cards are dealt out, everyone can see that they are names of different animals.

The card stopped at is considered as the chosen card.  Let us assume that a spectator called out “7”, and the card stopped at, at this number, is “Rat”.  Had “6” or “8” been called instead of “7”, the cards at the sixth and eighth positions are shown to be of different animals.

The remainder of the cards are arranged to form a rectangle.  When their backs are turned over, they form a large mosaic of a picture of a “rat”!  The revelation is both unexpected and colourful.

You receive the stack of nicely printed cards and a link to an online 20 minutes video instructions.  In the video, the 2 brothers take turns to perform and explain the effect.

The spectator really has a free choice of any number between “1” and “10”.  This is an application of an old force which is seldom used.  If you consider the possibilities of the spectator freely naming any one of the 8 possible numbers between “1” and “10”, you can tell that the force is quite effective.  The use of this force usually requires some audience management.  The Other Brothers have come out with a clever adaptation such that the force requires almost no memory work and is quite consistent throughout.

There is another clever principle at play that has to do with the design of the cards.

As long as you follow the instructions on the use of the force by The Other Brothers, the effect is almost self-working and there is no performing angles to worry about.  Resetting, although it is not instantaneous, is quite fast.

As mentioned earlier, the animal cards bring novelty to a mental effect and the large revelation of the selection is both surprising and colourful.  (9/10 star rating)