If you are familiar with “Million Flowers”, you will know what “Million Butterflies” is.

“Million Flowers” is spring flowers. Another common version is spring bills (currency notes).

“Million Butterflies” is spring butterflies. They fold up small, and when produced, they open up large.

Like “Million Flowers”, there are several ways to use “Million Butterflies”. They are used mainly for stand-up performance, and therefore suitable for stage and parlour.

One way to use “Million Butterflies” is bare
hand production. A butterfly magically
appears in the performer’s hand. This is
placed aside. Another butterfly, of a different
colour, then appears in the performer’s other hand. This is also placed aside. This

continues until about a dozen different coloured butterflies are produced. This is visual and beautiful to watch.

Another way of using the spring butterflies is to produce them from a silk handkerchief. A large silk is placed over one hand. When it is flipped over, a butterly appears. It is placed aside. The silk is placed over the other hand. Wheb it is flipped over, another butterfly makes its appearance.

Yet another way of producing the spring butterflies is from a special wallet-type folder. When a butterfly is produced, it is placed aside and the folder closed. When it is opened again, another butterfly appears. The wallet or folder is opened and closed several times and each time a butterfly makes its appearance.

A crystal box can also be used. Because it is transparent, it is seen to be empty. With a magical gesture, the box is immediately filled up with a dozen butterflies. In this case, the butterflies appear as a group instead of individually.

You receive 10 spring butterflies, 2 of each of colour. The 5 colours supplied are red, blue, pink yellow and white. The butterflies are beautifully produced. When opened, each measures 5 inches across its broadest width. Each butterfly is 4 inches long.

Unlike the spring flowers, these butterflies are folded 2 ways so that they are small enough to palm. You are also given a link to a video instruction on how to fold and produce the butterflies.

Other than the butterflies, you are not provided with any production device. You have to obtain them separately from magic dealers.

There is a larger size version of the “Million Butterflies”. They cost the small amount but you are supplied a total of only 6 butterflies – 5 are of different colours, and the 6th is an extra red butterfly. You need to specify which size butterflies when placing an order. Please note that if you have to palm the butterflies, the larger butterflies may not be appropriate for performers who do not have large hands.

Unlike the spring flowers that unfold as they appear, the spring butterflies pop up into existence. Their appearance is quite instantaneous and visual.

Because spring butterflies are not common, you will be remembered when you include “Million Butterflies” in your act. (10/10 star rating)