John Carey, who is well known as a specilist with playing cards, now presents 10 effects with coloured dice, in this project called “Dice, Dice Baby with John Carey”.

You receive 10 translucent dice: 6 are differently coloured, I extra red dice, and 3 clear (no colour) dice, together with a nice black velvet carrying bag. You are also given a link to download a video instruction.

As with John Carey’s card tricks, all these 10 dice effects are all presented in a straight forward manner; they are visual and have great impact on the audience.

Here is a brief description of the 10 effects:

1. Dice Wave – an experiment where a spectator imagines 3 different colours out of 4 differently coloured dice to fade away. This becomes a reality when the prediction bag is shown to contain 3 clear dice and one dice of the remaining colour. A dice variation of Max Maven’s “B’Wave”.

2. Hot Roddy – a dice version of “Hot Rod” where one of 6 dice placed in a row is correctly predicted.

3. Translocation Dice – a “dice across” effect from hand to hand using 1 red dice and 3 clear dice, and with an unexpected ending.

4. Perfect Six – an interesting mental effect with 6 differently coloured dice where the spectator makes all the choices and yet the performer can predict who gets which dice at the end.

5. Evoque Dice – the spectator makes all the choices regarding 6 different coloured dice and the performer has predicted the outcome in advance.

6. Homing Dice – like the “Homing Card”, a red dice placed away keeps returning to the hand.

7. Covert Prediction – a “card at any number” effect using a deck of cards and the total shown on 3 dice.

8. Clearly Wild – a take on David Roth’s “Wild Coins” where 3 clear dice change to red colour one at a time.

9. Hummeresqe – through a thorough process of selection, one of 6 dice is chosen, and this matches the performer’s prediction. It utilises the “Hummer Mental Monte” as well as Max Maven’s “Kurotsuke” principles.

10.Gadabout Dice – a “Two In The Hand, One In The Pocket” effect done with 3 different coloured dice.

Altogether, there are 6 mental effects. John discusses at great length on the proper choices of words to use in “Equivoque” and other forces.

Of the 4 non-mental effects, John teaches very well how to execute the various moves with dice. They are not difficult to do.

John refers often to the “Ramsey’s Subtlety”.

You get 10 effects using beautiful translucent coloured dice that are not difficult to perform. If you cannot get at least 2 or 3 that you can include in your performing repertoire, magic should not be your hobby. When you do, this product will be worth many times the small investment made in it.

(9/10 star rating)