Manufactured by:  Beruza (Germany


As the name of the effect implies, this is a packet card trick using 4 cards.

The effect looks like this.

4 red back cards are shown to consist of the Ace of Hearts, the Two of Spades, the Three of Diamonds, and the Four of Clubs.  All the four suits are represented here.

The performer plays a little game with the audience.  He places the packet of 4 cards behind his back and turns over one card.  The audience guesses which of the 4 cards was turned over.  Irregardless of the answer, the performer shows that it was the Ace he turned over.

Now the magic begins.  When he counts the cards again, the Ace disappears and the Two turns face upwards.  He counts the cards one more time – the Two vanishes and in its place is the Three.

This time, the performer turns one card over: it is the Four.  He asks how many cards have been turned face upwards.  Once again, irregardless of the answer from the audience, the performer shows that now all the 4 cards are facing upwards.  

He asks another question: “What is the colour of the backs of the cards?”  The audience should reply: “Red.”  

The performer says that these are trick cards.  He turns each card over and on the back of the Ace is the letter A printed on the red back.  The back of the Two is now blue, with the digit 2 printed on it.  Behind the Three is a green back with 3 dots, and on the back of the Four is a picture of a hand with 3 fingers and one thumb against a multi-colour back.  

You receive all the required specially printed cards, together with a wallet holder.  The instructions are in an 8-page nicely printed colour booklet.  There are 2 presentations for this effect described in the booklet: the original one is by Lothar Vogt and an alternative one by Christian Schenk of Card-Shark.

This is another one of the many variations of the popular 4 cards packet card trick where each card turns around one at a time.  As with this type of effect, you need to know the Elmsley Count, which is taught in the instructions.  

If you enjoy novel packet card trick, this one is definitely worth the investment.  The multi-colour back climax is quite unexpected and will cause a gasp as well as a smile from the audience.