Often, there are important resource staring us right in the face, but we do not see it.  We perform magic with business cards, such as “out-to-lunch” effect and others, yet we could not see an important principle that we could use.  It takes the sharp eyes and keen mind of Steve Shufton to discover it.

Right away, he constructs a routine that uses this principle to its fullest potential.  The result is an incredibly clean and apparently impromptu effect utilising your business cards.  The trick is called Star Gazers.

7 business cards are used.  The exact number is not important, but 7 is suggested as providing the best effect.

A prediction is written on the back of the first card.  It is placed face downwards in a conspicuous position on the table.  A star is drawn in the middle of the back of each of the remaining 6 cards.  To distinguish the cards from one another, the digits 1 to 6 is written above the star of each card.  The spectators can see that both the stars and the numbers 1 to 6 are properly written on each card.  The 6 cards are turned face downwards and mixed.  A spectator freely chooses any one card.  Let us say it is the 5 star.  The prediction card is turned over to reveal the number 5!  The “stars” have indeed influenced her choice!

The performer proposes another try.  The original prediction is struck off and a new number written over it.  It is again placed face downwards in a conspicuous position on the table.

The 6 cards are again mixed around and one freely chosen.  The spectator turns over herself to show that she selected the 3 star.  She turns over the prediction – the new number is 3!

The second phase actually strengthens the entire effect!  The 2 effects are carefully constructed and put together so that they flow as a whole.  Each move is carefully considered.  Even the reason for drawing the star on each card makes much sense!  When properly performed, there is no way the audience can figure out how it is accomplished.  The spectator gets to keep your business card at the end of the effect.

With the use of certain type of pen and custom printing of your business cards, further miracles are possible.  The routine “The Power Of Colours” describes the influence of colours instead of stars on a person’s choice.

Prediction-less tricks are also considered, where “lucky number” or “lucky name” is used instead of stars and colours.

Steve Shufton challenges us to rework standard mental effects using his “PS – I Love You” principles.  He cajoles us to apply his principle to Mental Epic, Invisible Coin and Out-To-Lunch.  It may be not too long before another booklet is available with contributions from popular magicians on various applications of “PS – I Love You” principles.

You receive a well-produced booklet of 24 pages.  The instructions are well written and they come accompanied with photographs to describe the apparatus needed and the moves to be used with the cards.

If I were able to perform just the first 2 effects described in the booklet, niz, “The Star Gazers” and “The Star Gazers – A Second Divination”, it would have been worth the investment.  (8/10 stars rating.)