This is a packet card trick with colour changing backs.  Before you dismiss it as “one of t hose packet card tricks”, this one is delightfully different – there are a lot of magic happening using only so few cards.

In effect, the performer shows 4 identical cards.  They are all the 4 blue-back 2 of clubs.  He tells the audience that this is an observation test and that they should pay careful attention.

Before they can brace themselves, one additional card appears – it is the 2 of hearts.  When this card is turned over, it has an orange colour back.  The other 4 cards are shown to have different colour backs, eg red, green, yellow and blue!

The amount of different things happening within such a short time makes it a powerful effect and never fails to get gasps from the audience.

You receive printed instructions and the 5 specially printed cards.  They can be of different backs and faces than the ones mentioned here.  As with most packet card tricks, the main sleight needed is the Elmsley Count.

So much magic happening with so few cards and only with standard card handling.  (7/10 stars rating.)