This is a 2-phase mental effect that is very well thought out in all aspects of the trick.

In effect, you hand a spectator a small envelope containing a prediction.  You then bring out a stack of business cards from various hotels which you have collected from your travels all over the world.  While you look away, the spectator looks through the business cards one by one and decides on one and puts it in his pocket.  You turn around to face the spectator and can divine the hotel he has chosen.

In the second phase, the spectator goes through the stack of hotel cards once again, and stops at one card of his choice.  When the prediction envelope is opened, inside is the electronic room key of the hotel he selected!

The handling of the props is very well thought out.  In both phases, the spectator is able to handle the stack of business cards without much restraint, and to choose one card “freely”.  Yet, the performer is able to divine the chosen card as well as predict which card will be selected.  The handling is so “clean” that the effect appears “unexplainable” to the audience.

The entire effect is so well structured that one phase flows smoothly to the other.  This allows you to do something to the stack of business cards without needing much misdirection effort.

You receive all the necessary hotel business cards, a genuine hotel room key in an envelope, and a 20-page instruction booklet.

The designs of the various hotel business cards are well thought-out.  The cards are very well produced and they look like real business cards.

The instructions booklet is also very well produced.  It is well written and illustrated so that it is easy to read and understand.  A good patter story is included for you to use if you wish.  At the end of the booklet, the creator of the effect gives an unusual anecdote that happened to him, and it makes for interesting reading.

A well thought out 2-phase mentalism effect that uses professional looking props that is as clean in handling as it is devastating to the audience.  (9/10 star rating)