We were privileged to have Jon Allen from UK visit Singapore after his lecture at the Asia Magic Expo 2019 in Hong Kong.


Our thanks go to the following sponsors for making Jon Allen’s lecture in Singapore possible: Tommy Chiang, Satish Kumar, Harapan Ong, Ashish Lodhavia, Fernando Ng and Enrico Varella.

The lecture took place on the evening of 15 October 2019 at Hotel Grand Central.  It attracted a turnout of 55 people, including 7 non-Ring 115 members.

Jon commenced his lecture by explaining his philosophy of performing and inventing magic.  He stressed the necessity of going against the usual run of rules, and the importance of always asking “why?”

The first effect that Jon performed and explained was a coin and pen routine called “Quickfire” in which the coin and pen underwent vanishes, appearances and transpositions.  It was based on a Rune Klan’s effect.

Jon performed an interesting version of “Paper Balls Over Head” using paper napkins and a volunteer from the audience.  Entitled “ST&R”, he explained his motivations for coming out with this presentation.

Next, he demonstrated a practical peek of a folded business card shown to him by James Chadier.

It was rubber band magic as Jon performed his version of “Crazy man’s Handcuffs”, rubber band off wrist, and torn & restored rubber band.

Just before the break, Jon demonstrated two utility items.  He first performed “Rule Of Three” and introduced his “The Holder”.  He then showed a signed card to money clip using his “T.W.A.I.N” money holder.

A twenty minutes break with food and drinks allowed participants to purchase products from Jon, take photographs with him, and fellowship with one another.

After the interval, Jon perform and explained a multi-phase “Ring On and Off Cord” routine.

In “Ripped Out”, Jon showed how he could extract a signed card from a deck trapped in a balloon, utilising a card move that is used in stage magic.

As a closure, Jon demonstrated the following products:  Double Back, Paragon 3D, Perfect Score, and Silent Treatment.

Most of the participants stayed on after the lecture, purchasing his lecture notes and products, and taking photographs with him.

Jon’s high energy level, together with his comical presentation style, kept us greatly entertained throughout his lecture.