This is a poor-man’s version of mental effect called Colour Marker Prediction.

In effect, the performer displays an outline picture of a clown’s face.  From a paper bag, he takes out and shows 3 different colour markers, a red one, a green one and a blue marker.  The 3 markers are replaced inside the paper bag and a spectator shakes the bag and randomly picks up one colour marker without looking inside the bag.  She uses it to colour the clown’s hat.  Say, this is the blue marker.  The spectator then picks one of the remaining 2 markers to colour the clown’s nose – say, this is the green marker.  Finally, she uses the last red marker to colour the clown’s tie.

The performer shows a prediction which has been on display conspicuously on the table throughout the performance.  He turns this around – it is a coloured version of the clown – this picture shows the clown with blue hat, a red tie and a green nose – exactly matching that of the picture randomly coloured by the spectator!

You receive everything necessary for your performance – the colour markers, the paper bags, and 2 clown’s picture – one is a black and white picture and the other is a coloured picture which serves as the prediction.  You also receive a link to a video instructions with English subtitles.

There are 3 main differences between the more expensive version and this effect:

This version does not use any electronic device.

The more expensive version uses 5 to 6 pens while this version uses only 3 different coloured pens.  The effect is still effective to the audience.

The more expensive version uses loose sheets of paper for the spectator to colour in.  A new sheet has to be used each time for a performance.  In this effect, you are supplied with a laminated light board outline picture of the clown’s face.  After a performance, the colours can be wiped off the laminated board.  The 2 boards are in A4 size, and are suitable for parlour or stage performance.

If you do not want to spend too much money for the colour marker prediction type of effect, this is the perfect product for you.  It is easy to perform and the methods for selecting the colour markers as well as the revelation of the final picture are quite clever.  A pack-flat effect with a great impact.  (9/10 star rating)