This is a close-up version of the poplar “Colour Pen Prediction” trick.

In effect, a small box containing 6 different colour pens is given to a spectator.  A pocket-sized black-and-white picture of a boy with shorts is shown.  While the performer turns his head away, the spectator is told to freely pick up any colour pen, and colour a certain part of the drawing, eg the boy’s shorts.  

Still with the performer’s head turned away, the spectator picks up a second colour pen and is similarly directed to colour, say, the boy’s tie.  This goes on until all 6 freely selected colour pens are used to colour 6 different parts of the black-and-white drawing.

Finally, the performer turns around and directs the audience to a prediction envelope placed conspicuously on the table right at the start of the trick.  He takes out the prediction from the envelope: it depicts the same black-and-white drawing of the boy but has 6 parts of it being coloured in with the same colours as that coloured by the spectator!  Mathematically the probability of getting this prediction correct is 1:720!

You receive everything you need to perform this effect inside a nice hinged black colour box, together with a link to a very short video tutorial.  Inside the box are the 6 colour pens inside a special gimmicked box, 4 other pens of different colours to the 6 pens that can be used interchangeably, a spare paper box, 3 small silver envelopes (one containing 3 coloured prediction papers, one containing 4 black-and-white drawings, and one containing 4 blank papers), and the necessary gimmicks to make the effect work.

When the inks of the colour pens dry up, you can simply replaced the pens with ordinary children’s crayons of the same size.  

The effect can also be used in a parlour or even stage setting if you enlarge the black-and-white drawings, as well as the final coloured prediction into at least A4 size.

Properly presented, the effect has a great impact on an audience.

“Colour Prophecy Pen” is an affordable version of the larger and more expensive colour pen prediction.  (8/10 star rating)