This year, Singapore Ring 115 celebrated her 69th anniversary with a grand dinner at the ballroom of Hotel Chancellor.  The event took place on the evening of 15th November 2019.


There were 12 tables which comprised a total of 120 persons.  They included our members, their friends and associates, and their family members.  Among the VIPs present were our 4 patrons (one was away overseas), the president and 4 other representatives of the Singapore Association of Magicians, and the widow of The Great Wong, from whom we named our “Ring 115: The Great Wong Ring”.

Guests who arrived early were treated to table-hopping magic by our members.  After a short welcome speech by President John Teo, the 8-course dinner began.

In-between dishes, mementos were given to the 11 members of Ring 115 management committee, our patrons Gician Tan, Fernando Ng, Jerry Lee and Robert Kee (Desmond Peh was overseas with his family), Joshua Lee (for maintaining our web-site), Low Hwee Lang and Kogi Oberi (our Ring 115 reporters), and this year’s 6 active members: Jeremy Pei, Cassidy Lee, Charles Choo, Kogi Oberoi, Lim Tack Guan and Ms Ng Ek Hwang.  The first lady, Betsy Teo, presented a bouquet of flowers to Mrs Wong.

After dinner, everyone was treated to a stage magic performance.  The first performer was Wee Kien Meng (aka Mr Bottle).  He did a children’s act comprising miser’s dream and needle through balloon with the help of a child from one of our guests.  Next was Joe Yu.  Dressed elegantly in tails, his repertoire consisted of dove productions and vanish, production of a rabbit, D’lite and iLite cup, streamers, and money fountain.  Tommy Kian is an avid collector of magic props.  Utilising 3 of his Milson Worth’s props: niz. Fantastic Frame, Silk Caddy and Chinese Flame Clock, Tommy put together a beautiful magical routine.  Closing the show was Jeremy Pei.  He did a fast-paced linking-rings routine, Rubik’s cube mystery, and a new mental effect he put together which climaxed in the sudden appearance of a huge toy helicopter!

The MC was Tommy Chiang, who kept the entire evening going in an entertaining manner.  There were good lucky draw prizes conducted over 3 sessions.  Everyone who attended was given a special water bottle as a door gift by courtesy of our Patron Gician Tan.