ByJohn Teo

Feb 9, 2020

The Mental Board effect has become a classic in magic.

Known by various names, different models are available in the market.  This particular model is one of the more economical versions.

For those who are not in the know, here is the effect.

The performer displays a large clear plastic board that has 2 columns of elastic bands divided into 5 sections each to hold 5 poker sized cards.  One column has large numerals 1 to 5 running down it with each numeral occupying one section.

2 sets of ESP cards are shown.  One set has the 5 ESP symbols printed in black colour whereas the other set has the same 5 ESP symbols in green colour.

The performer takes the green ESP cards, mixes them up, and inserts each card into each section in the column without the numerals.  The cards are inserted with the backs facing the audience so that nobody (except the performer) knows the position of each of the 5 ESP symbols.

The performer then has the black set of ESP cards thoroughly mixed by a spectator.  Taking each card with the back facing the audience, the performer asks a member of the audience which of the 5 sections on the other column they want this card to be inserted into.  Assume the reply is number “2”.  The performer complies and slips this card face unseen into the section with the numeral 2.  

This process is repeated with the other 4 cards until all the 5 numerals have a card each slide behind it.

The time has come for the revelation.  The entire board is turned around to show that the audience has managed to match exactly all the 5 green ESP symbols placed by the performer on the other column of the board.

You receive the nicely made transparent acrylic board, and the 2 separate sets of the 5 ESP symbols, one set is printed in black, and the other set in green colour.  You are given a link to a video tutorial by Jeremy Pei at his personal magic coach web-site. 

The acrylic board measures 8 inches by 14.5 inches.  It is large and visual and suitable for stage presentation.

Although this is an economical model, both the board and the 10 cards are well made, and they work smoothly. 

The 10 cards are also cleverly marked on their backs.  You can use these 2 sets of 5 ESP cards, without the board, to perform other ESP effects.  Jeremy Pei teaches you 2 different matching routines in the tutorial.

Highly Recommended!