“Inferno” is a thought-of card in matchbox effect.

The performer approaches 3 spectators. He opens a thin match-box and hands out one match to each of the 3 spectators. He closes the match box and puts it in the care of one of the spectators.

He says that they are going to play a game in which they are going to burn all the cards in a deck of playing cards except one. The 3 spectators will make all the choices, including the one card that they will save from being burnt. Assume that this card is the Queen of Hearts.

The spectator with the match-box opens it and finds a folden card with a paper clip on it. She hands this to the performer. The performer slips out the paper clip and unfolds the card. It is indeed the Queen of Hearts! The card is seen charred with burnt marks along some of it’s edges. Everything can be handed out for examination.

You receive 2 match-boxes in their flattened state. You have to assembled the match-box cover and the drawer yourself. You also receive the special charred cards, paper clips, and an instructional DVD starring Joshua Jay himself.

The following are the plus points of this trick:

 Only one match-box is used throughout and it is in the care of a spectator.

 The spectator opens the match-box herself, takes out the clipped folded card and

hands it to the performer.

 The 3 spectators make all the choices of the playing card themselves.

 There are 2 methods of revealing the folded card – both of them are taught in the


 At the end, the folded card and the match-box can be examined by the audience.

Properly presented, this effect looks like real magic. The choice of the playing card is

made entirely by the spectators. The match-box with the folded card inside it is in

the hands of spectator. Everything can be examined by the spectators after the

performance. (9/10 stars rating)