Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we had cancelled our meetings for the months of February and March. Two lectures scheduled for February as well as one lecture
for March also did not take place. Because we had to stay at home amid the virus situation in Singapore, many events in Singapore had taken on a virtual format. We
had decided to go virtual for our April meeting.


April was our first attempt at going virtual for our meeting. We were grateful to both Tommy Chiang and Baharudin who made it possible for us to meet in cyberspace on
the evening of 15 April 2020 via the Zoom Meeting platform. The meeting was scheduled to start at 8 pm. At 7 pm, the Zoom meeting was opened to help some of
our members who encountered difficulty in getting connected.

A total of 45 members “attended” the virtual meeting. There would have been more members attending if it had not been for a technical problem faced by one of our
internet providers. Tommy Chiang was the host for the evening.

The first program was our 69th Annual General Meeting, which was postponed from February. Since this was a non-election Annual General Meeting, the event took
only 15 minutes to complete. There was unanimous approval for the acceptance of our Annual Report, our audited Income and Expenditure Account for 2019, and our proposal for amendments to Articles 8a and 8b of our Constitutions. As no official written letters for discussion was received before the AGM, the item under “Any
Other Business” was not discussed.

The first performer was Baharudin, who levitated his own finger ring and visually floated the ring from the finger of one hand across space to another finger on his
other hand.

Host Tommy Chiang was the next performer. He spread a deck of cards face upwards to have one randomly selected. This card was isolated from the deck. Magically, all the cards in the deck became blanks, including the selected card. With a magical gesture, all the cards reverted back to full faces and backs.

It was teach-in time with JK Tan. JK had 3 cards selected. With a pair of scissors, he cut up the prediction paper. When it was opened up, it showed 8 hearts being cut out.

This coincided with the first selected card which was the 8 of hearts. Half of the prediction paper was recut. It yielded the 4 of diamonds which was the identity of the
second selected card. The other half of the paper was recut and it revealed a mixture of 2 hearts and 2 spades. When the third selected card was turned over, it showed a strange card with the 2 of hearts on one half and the 2 of spades on the other half! The entire effect was mathematical based and easy to do. JK had a novel presentation using the acronym EMO which stood for “Electro”, “Mechanical” and “Optical”.

Alvin Terence produced 3 coins, one at a time, from the air. Then he vanished them, also one at a time, into the thin air.

Continuing the teach-in was Jeremy Pei. He showed how to use his baby’s diaper to vanish water poured into a paper bag. He then demonstrated an interactive magic
using his ipad involving the choice of one of several superheroes. The full tutorial of his effect is available at his personal magic coach web-site, which also provides the
necessary templates for the effect. Finally, Jeremy performed an effect he put together himself involving 2 Rubik’s cubes. He magically solved a Rubik’s cube in
his hand, and the other one in a paper box simultaneously solved itself!

It was time for dealer’s demonstration. Cassidy Lee showed “RD Insta”, an instant Rubik’s cube solution in the hand, “Spider Hand”, a motorised ITR worn on the wrist,
and “Gum To Anything”, where chewing gums inside the box visually changed into a bill or anything.

Jeremy Pei came on again, this time as a dealer. He demonstrated “Shrinking Gloves”, a 2-phase shrinking glove effect reviewed in April’s newsletter TQR. He
offered a special deal for this product.

Enrico Varella commenced with a bare-hand production of a MARS bar accompanied by a comical patter. A spectator called “stop” at 4 different places in a
deck of cards, and found the 4 Kings.

Ventriloquist Joseph Then took this opportunity to let his Donkey dummy greet all of us in cyberspace.

Kenneth Chia cut and then restored a silk placed inside a paper folder.

Baharudin returned to produce a $10 note from his bare hands 3 times. On the 4th attempt, an underwear appeared instead.

With a flick of his fingers, Sng Ming Da caused the Statue of Liberty to vanish from a photograph. He showed 2 versions of an effect where he took away one of 6 cards, and that very card happened to be the card selected by members of his audience.

The final event was a virtual lucky draw conducted by Baharudin with randomly generated numbers. 2 lucky winners were Kogi Oberoi and Derek Lee. They both won items kindly contributed by Kenneth Chia.

The virtual meeting ended at 9.30pm.

Reported by
John Teo