As the name of the trick implies, you magically transform a stainless spoon into a fork.

A metal spoon is held vertically in one hand, with the back of the bowl of the spoon facing the audience. The fingers of the other hand cover the bowl and give it a rubbing motion.

Magically, the spoon is seen to have transformed into a fork. It can then be handed out for examination.

You receive a set of matching stainless steel spoon and fork, and a special gimmick. You are also supplied with a sheet of printed instructions.

What makes the effect so startling is that a solid metal spoon is transformed quite visibly into a fork, and then the fork is immediately handed out for examination.

Some performer may prefer to have the spoon examined by the audience before the change. The supplied ungimmicked spoon is meant for this purpose. The instructions teach you how to switch this for the gimmicked fork.

Spoon to Fork is easy to perform, and is suitable for stage performance. Because it is a very quick transformation of a spoon into a fork, this should preferably be performed in conjunction with other effects involving cutleries. (9/10 stars rating)