Jay Sankey is one of the most prolific creators of magic effects. This Sankey’s creation called “Target Practice” was distributed by Elmwood Magic and is now available in very limited quantities.

The performer shows to the audience a card with a picture of a shooting target. This card has a small hole on it. The hole is outside of the target.

The performer says that when he was in the military service, he was a very bad shooter. He could hardly hit anywhere inside the target, let alone hitting the

He shows 6 cards with the hole outside the target. He lays 3 of these cards face downwards on the table. The other 3 cards are placed face upwards on the table.

One card, the 7th card, is left in his hand. This card has the hole in the bull’s-eye. He says that this is what he should be achieving.

Using this card, the performer proceeds to move magically the hole in each one of the 3 face-down cards along the card and onto the bull’s-eye!

He gathers the other 3 face-up cards into a packet. They too, have the holes outside the targets. With a magical gesture, he passes the packet through his fist made around the cards. When they emerge from the other end of the fist, each of the 3 cards now has its hole moved to the bull’s-eye

The performer proudly displays all the 7 cards – they all have the holes in the target’s bull’s-eye! Being a magician, it is easier to obtain bull’s-eye than being a
military man!

You receive the 7 specially printed cards with holes in them, and an instructional DVD featuring Paul Richards of Elmwood Magic performing and then explaining Target Practice. You are also supplied with a nice plastic holder to contain the cards.

The entire effect is based on a popular classic trick. Using holes punched through the cards this takes this effect onto a fresh new presentation. The trick now involves
moving holes instead of a transformation. The effect is not difficult to do. There are a couple of moves required and they are taught well in the DVD. The trick packs small, can be carried in your pocket, and plays really big. (10/10 stars rating)