ByJohn Teo

Aug 1, 2020

The write-up on the DVD cover says that this is an eerie slowmotion and impromtu card rise.

In effect, you can borrow a deck of cards. The cards can be shuffled. A spectator chooses a card and then loses it into the deck. The performer holds the deck in one hand. The spectator concentrates on her selected card. Slowly, and eeriely, a card rises from the middle of the deck. It proves to be her chosen card!

You are supplied with an instructional DVD plus a 16 X 16 inches black silk handketchief.

The black silk is for you to place over your hand that is going to hold the deck of cards. In this way, you are demonstrating that there is no direct contact between your fingers and the cards, as though this is of great importantance. However, it is a nice sight to see the selected card rising from the middle of a borrowed deck that is wrapped around with a silk handkerchief.

Since the deck can be borrowed, the deck is not gimmicked. You are therefore not supplied with any gimmick that can be secretly added to a deck of cards.

The card rise is carried out by pure sleight-of-hand. You need to know how to control the selected card and get it ready for the move. The move is not easy to executive. You need to practise a lot to get the knack of doing the move. This is a worthwhile sleight to learn as it enables you to cause the chosen card to rise from the middle of the deck without the use of any gimmick. This means you can perform Uprising anytime anywhere where there is a deck of cards.

In the 45 minutes DVD, Richard Sanders takes you through the technique in great details. He shows you how to do Uprising using one hand and using two hands. Richard also teaches multiple card rise where the selected cards rise one card at a time. Finally, Richard shows you the various advantages of using the supplied black silk to do Uprising.

As a bonus, Richard Sanders teaches you the “Thought Of” card rise. The performer riffles the narrow ends of the deck and the spectator merely remembers one card she sees. She does not articulate this card nor physically takes it out from the deck. Yet, that very card rises from the middle of the deck. This move is like a bonus technique/force that you can use in your other card tricks.

Animations with a deck of cards such as rising card and haunted deck are always visual and considered most magical. If you are willing to put in the necessary effort for practising the move, you will have in your hands a great visual effect that you can perform at a moments’ notice without having to resort to any preparation or gimmick. The card that rises can be made to come out of the deck slowly and at a controlled pace, giving a most eerie effect to the card rise.

Highly recommended to card magicians who like sleight-of-hand.