Coins through table has become a classic effect of coin magic. Three or four coins are made to pass through a solid table one coin at a time. The effect is accomplished purely by sleight-of-hand using borrowed coins and an ordinary table.

David Roth has described an interesting version of coins through table using a miniature table made of wood in his book Expect Coin Magic.

This “Coins Through Miniature Table” from Refine Magic accomplishes the same effect as that of David Roth, except it uses a different method. There are no magnets involved like for David Roth’s effect. As a result, the coins used can be borrowed.

You receive the elegant looking wooden table. It has a nice docoration all around its edges and measures approximately 5.45 inches X 2.45 inches and 2.45 inches tall. Although the table is gimmicked, its modus operandi is hidden in plain sight.

You are also given a nice rectangular cloth and a black velvet carrying draw-string pouch. As usual, Jeremy Pei himself will take you through the tutorial video obtainable from his Personal Magic Coach web-site.

This is a 2-phase routine.

In the first phase, 3 coins, which can be borrowed, passes through the solid miniature table one coin at a time.

In the second phase, the performer attempts to pass the 3 coins from underneath the miniature table all at one time up to the top of the wooden table.

The performer covers the small table with a nice decorative cloth. When he brings his hand down onto the cloth, the small table underneath the cloth appears to “melt” through the performing table. It is then brought up from underneath the performing table. The 3 coins did not pass through any table, rather, the miniature table has passed through the performing table.

You need some knowledge of coin sleights, but only the basic ones. The gimmicked wooden table helps to make the penetrations of the coins almost self-working.

The 2-phase routine seems like a small act in itself. The props look professional as everything can be carried in the black velvet pouch.

Highly Recommended!