The “Number 4 Envelope” is a small 4-way out envelope. There are many multiple-outs wallets and envelopes available. So what makes the Number 4 Envelope different from the others?

Most multiple-outs devices appear too thick, when they contain the predictions for more than 3 outs.

Blake Vogt’s Number 4 Envelope does not appear bulky at all when filled with up to 4 playing cards.

I can see 2 possible reasons for this. Firstly, the envelope is black in colour – black colour tends to make things appear smaller or thinner than they are.

Secondly, the envelope is made of Tyvek. This special material does not make the envelope appear fluffy or bulky, even when it is filled up with contents inside. Tyvek also makes the envelope waterproof as well as tear-proof. Therefore you have 2 very important benefits for the Number 4 Envelope as well.

The design and construction of the Number 4 Envelope is very clever. You can show the envelope on both sides and it does not look suspicious. When you wish to reveal an out, you simply draw out the flap of the envelope. You can then hand over the envelope to a spectator for her to take out the content. She can see into the interior of the envelope and satisfy herself that there is nothing else there. There are no openings in the other 3 edges of the envelope to arouse suspicion. The Number 4 Envelope can be handled by a spectator freely, and she will be none the wiser.

You receive the special Tyvek envelope in black colour. It measures 3 inches X 4 inches, and can take 4 poker-sized playing cards comfortably. You are provided with a link to a set of video tutorials by Blake Vogt himself.

Blake teaches you how to “repair” the envelope if an edge or a side becomes undone. He explains how to handle the envelope, what types of items can be put inside the envelope, and provides 3 complete routines.

The first routine is a transposition. 4 aces are shown. A spectator freely names any one of the aces. This ace vanishes only to be found inside the envelope held by the spectator.

The second routine is a “Princess Card” effect. 4 different cards are shown. A spectator merely thinks of one, and this very card vanishes and reappears in the envelope held by the spectator.

The third effect does not involve playing cards. You show your wallet. Inside it is a black envelope. You say that you keep one of the following items inside this envelope: cash, receipt, business card or a “to Do list. No matter which item is named by a spectator, you take that named item out from the envelope.

Blake discusses other applications for his Number 4 Envelope. The Envelope can be used as a switching device. Blake also explains how the Envelope can also be used to provide more than 4 “outs”.

If you are looking for a small 4-way out envelope, the Number 4 Envelope is a worthwhile investment. (9/10 stars rating)