This effect by Liam Montier was inspired by Albert Spackman’s Voodoo described in The Art Of Close-Up Magic, Volume 1.

This is how Liam performs it. After talking about voodoo and its ritual to a spectator, he brings out his name card which has a stick drawing of a man. This card is placed face downwards conspicuously on the table.

He then shows a small packet of what seems to
be Polaroid photographs. Each photograph shows
a voodoo doll with a pin stuck onto a certain part
of its body. For example, one photograph will show a pin stuck into the voodoo doll’s head, another one shows the pin stuck in its right arm, one with the pin stuck in its chest and so on. This packet of photographs is place face downwards on the table.

The spectator is told to think of the first name of a person she would like to cast a spell on. She writes this name on a piece of paper. Liam screws it into a small ball. The name of this person is then spelt by dealing the photographs, one at a time, one photograph for each letter spelt, onto the table. The photograph at the last letter spelt is turned face upwards to reveal that the chosen photograph depicts the voodoo doll with a pin thrusted into its right hand.

Liam picks up the paper ball from the table, and holds it above the flame from a cigarette lighter. The ball of paper vanishes with a flash. This can be quite startling to the audience. When his business card on the table is turned over, it now shows an “X” being etched onto the right arm of the stickman.

You receive a set of 14 “Polaroid photographs of the voodoo doll and an instructional DVD.

In the DVD, Liam performs and then teaches his routine. This set of voodoo photographs can be used for other routines. They are written up by Liam in a printable pdf document also provided in the DVD.

In this pdf document, Liam mentions several routines as well as describes numerous method of revealing where the pin has struck onto the voodoo doll. Once you understand the working principle, you can come out with your own routines too.

Effects involving voodoo dolls create a mysterious and sometimes eerie atmosphere, and are bound to captivate an audience’s attention. This effect involves awesome looking voodoo photographs and allows you to perform either in a serious or light- hearted manner. It is easy to do, involves much participation from the audience, and the props can be reset easily and quickly. (8 out of 10 stars rating)