ByJohn Teo

Aug 8, 2020

Tenyo’s products are characterised by very well made (often precision-made) magical props. Many of them are viewed by non-magicians as such: magician’s props. This is because they are not usually found in our everyday lives.

Flash Dice can be considered as an exception. The prop consists of 6 ordinary dice and a plastic container to house them in. The plastic container is seen as just a container with a lid to store the 6 dice. The container, together with the lid, looks ordinary enough and does not warrant anyone to want to inspect it. Actually, both the 6 dice and the container are precision made.

The product reviewed here is a new version of Flash Dice. The original version was released in 1976.

It was invented by Takuya Yoshizawa based on his observation of the Sure-Shot Dice Box. Flash Dice was my go-to effect when it first became available in the market because many effects are possible using the special container and the 6 dice. This is not a one-effect trick.

You receive the specially manufactured dice, the dice container, and a very nice blue colour sleeve to store the props. You will be given a link to a set of instructions in the English language.

Here are some possible effects with the Flash Dice. You can combine some of them to make a nice multi-phase dice routine.

The Obedient Dice – the 6 dice are arranged in the container in a 1 to 6 order from left to right. The lid is replaced and the container is shaken. When the lide is removed, it is seen that the dice are in a random order, as they should be. The lid is replaced and the container shaken. This time the dice return to their 1 to 6 order. Another shake of the container and the dice are now arranged in the reverse order from 6 to 1.

Dice Paradise – a spectator takes any one of the 6 dice and rolls it so that a random number comes on top. Let us say this number is 4. The performer replaces the other 5 dice into the container in no specific order so that random numbers are seen on top of each dice. The container is closed and the spectator’s dice is placed on top of the container. The container is shaken. It seems that the spectator’s single dice has influenced the rest of the 5 dice inside the container. When the lid is removed, all the top faces of the dice inside the container now show the number 4.

Flash Dice Prediction – the performer writes a prediction and places it aside. A spectator places the 6 dice in any order inside the container and totals up the numbers shown on top of all the 6 dice. The lid is replaced on the container and it is given a shake. The lid is removed and the spectator totals up the new random numbers now appearing on the top of each of the 6 dice. The spectator adds this sum to the original sum to obtain a new total. This matches exactly with the performer’s prediction that was placed to one side before the performance.

Dice and Cards – 6 playing cards, from Ace to 6 (suits do not matter), are mixed by a spectator and placed face downwards on the table. The performer places the dice in no specific order inside the conatiner. The dice are shaken and when the lid of the container is removed, the order of the dice coincides with the order of the 6 cards when they are turned over face upwards.

A professionally made product that allows you to perform many effects. Once you know the principle, you can come out with your own effects.

Highly Recommended!