“Ad Sense” is a triple prediction effect. It is like Mental Epic done close-up. It is also like Mental Epic done in reverse (if you purchase thie effect, you will know what this means).

The performer explains the concept of subliminal messages used by advertisers. He then shows a dozen cards depicting advertisements of influential brands of various items that a person carries on them.

He mixes up the advertisement cards and lays 4 of them face downwards in a row on the table. A spectator is asked to take out her money and place it on top of any one of the 4 cards. The other 3 cards are discarded on one side of the table.

Another row of 4 cards is dealt by the performer and the spectator is asked to place her pen on any one of the cards. The other 3 cards are similarly put away.

Another row of 4 cards is laid out on the table. The spectator takes out her keys and places them on top of one of these cards. The other 3 cards are discarded.

The 3 selected cards are turned over and it is seen that the spectator has sub- consciously placed her money on a money card, her pen on a Sharpie card and her keys on a card depicting keys. She has become a victim to subliminal messages.

You receive the set of advertisement cards in a case inside a very nice presentation box, and a link to a video tutorial.

The effect is easy to do and has no performing angles to worry about. You are also taught multiple handlings for the reveals of the cards.

The cards are also marked and specially printed to enable you to perform a single prediction effect. The performer shows various advertisement cards and a spectator merely thinks of one. The performer lays one card face downwards on the table. The spectator names the card she chose. The performer turns over the card on the table and it is the card mentally selected by the spectator.

The cards are well designed, colourful and produced of good quality. The theme of advertisement subliminal messages makes for a very good presentation for this type of triple prediction effect.

(Rated 4.5/5 stars)