The Omni Deck was such a lovely concept, it sparked off the Omni coin, the Omni case and even the Omni pen. Josh Janousky has come up with the Omni credit card, which he called “Blankrupt”.

What makes this prop especially effective is that it contains the black magnetic strip whereas all other printing on the credit card vanishes and the credit card becomes a transparent piece of card.

The basic effect is that the performer borrows a credit card. He brushes his fingers over the credit card and all the printing, except the magnetic strip, vanishes and the credit card becomes a transparent piece of acetate card. The performer brings out his wallet and inside the wallet is the borrowed credit card, which he promptly returns to the rightful owner.

You receive not one, but 2 Omni credit cards, and 4 micro-chip stickers to stick onto the Omni credit card if you wish to. When ordering, please state whether you want the thin strip American and Canadian version or the thick strip UK version. You are also given a link to download a video tutorial taught by the creater Josh Janousky.

In the video, Josh shows various effects created by his magician friends using the Omni credit card.

Garett Thomas’ effect is to put a child’s toy silly putty onto one surface of the card. When the card is peeled off the putty, it becomes transparent.

In Brother Gilbert’s presentation, a borrowed credit card is compared with a single bill taken from the performer’s wallet. The bill is brushed against the card and the card becomes transparent. The borrowed card is then found inside the performer’s wallet.

There is a visual effect using a smart phone. The phone is used to take a picture of the borrowed credit card held in the performer’s hand. The card then mysteriously becomes transparent. The photograph of the credit card in the hand is recalled from the phone and the credit card is magically slid off the photograph and returned to its owner.

Josh shows 2 different applications of Blankrupt. In the first effect, he causes the magnetic strip on the back of the credit card to penetrate to the front. In the second efffect, he changes a multi-colour magnetic strip into a black strip.

Josh also demonstrates 2 different handlings of Blankrupt, one by Kosty Kimlat and one by Patrick Kun. Josh teaches his own handling by using a variation of a pass.

An Omni object makes for a very strong magical effect. Blankrupt is performed with a borrowed personal item and this make the trick even more effective.


(Rated 5/5 stars)