As the name suggests, this is a prediction involving a set of dice comprising 2 different colours.

In effect, the performer brings out 6 small dice consisting of 3 red and 3 blue dice, and a small envelope.

The 6 dice are thoroughly examined by a spectator. She rolls the 6 dice repeatedly to ensure that they are not loaded. Once the spectator is satisfied, the performer arranges the 6 dice in a row.

The performer and the spectator then alternatively pick a dice each from either end of the row. They do this until all the dice have been picked up. Each person would have picked up 3 dice.

The envelope is opened and the prediction inside is taken out. It contains 2 predictions. It states that the spectator’s 3 dice consist of 2 red dice and 1 blue dice, and that their total is 10. The prediction proves to be absolutely correct.

You receive the 3 blue and 3 red dice and the envelope with the prediction inside. You also receive a link to a video tutorial.

The 6 dices and the envelope and prediction are not gimmicked. The 6 dice can be thoroughly examined by the spectator. The spectator can also examine the envelope and the prediction at the end of the performance.

There is no sleight of hand involved. Once you understand the principle, you can perform this effect.

This trick is very good for an intimate performance. When properly presented, the prediction seems truly incredible because everything seems fair, and all the props can be examined by the spectators.


(Rated 3.5/5 stars)