As you can guess from the title as well as from the illustration on the packaging of the product, this effect is meant for the men at the bar.

The most well-known of such effect are “A Night Out With The Girls” and “Every Inch A Lady”. Both tricks are produced by Tony Curtis Magic.

They are packet card tricks where a spectator chooses one of several good- looking ladies only to find that he has landed on an old and ugly lady.

Here is the effect of “One Night (You Can’t) Stand”. The performer shows the photographs of 6 beautiful ladies from the imaginary dating agency “”. 

A spectator freely chooses any one of these girls. This card is placed to one side on the table. The other 5 cards can be shown to be the other 5 ladies he did not pick. When he looks at his chosen date, he is taken aback at her face. It looks ugly as well as weird and somewhat disturbing! You have to see the picture to appreciate what is meant here.

You receive a set of the specially printed cards, and a small wallet to keep them in. You also get a link to download a 4-page printed instructions and a tutorial video. The cards are nicely printed and are slightly larger than poker-sized cards. Card- Shark calls this parlour-sized cards.

This effect is different from the 2 effects from Tony Curtis Magic in many ways. The photos are of beautiful ladies such as those to be expected from a dating agency. The pictures from Tony Curtis show semi-nude ladies, and can be performed only on certain occasions. The chosen card of the Tony Curtis’ tricks show an ugly lady. In this effect, the selected card depicts the chosen lady but she now looks odd and weird and a little disturbing. This adds to the fun and mystery of the effect. Tony Curtis’ tricks involve a force whereas in this effect, the spectator gets a free choice of one of the 6 girls. Therefore, the trick can be repeated with the selection being a different lady, but the performer may not wish to do that.

There is a bonus trick where you can print the names of each lady on the back of each card. You can then predict in advance the exact name of the date to be selected by your spectator.

This is a great effect which packs small and plays big. The selected lady really looks weird, and nobody can see this coming until at the end.

(Rated 5/5 stars)