The “coin matrix”, using 4 coins and 4 playing cards, has become a classic magic effect. In its original form, it uses no gimmicked coins or cards, only sleight-of- hand, to accomplish the coin assembly effect. Although the sleight-of-hand is not particular difficult, there are versions that use gimmicked coins to enable the effect to look more magical.

Jeki Yoo, a young magician from South Korea, and of America’s Got Talent fame, came up with a novel matrix effect using the pips of a playing card instead of coins.

In effect, the performer lays out 4 red heart pips, 3 of them towards the audience and the last pip towards himself.

He shows 4 playing cards to have blank faces. He then proceeds to cover each pip with a blank card.

He causes one of the 3 pips nearest to the audience to vanish from underneath the card, and to magically appear alongside the pip underneath the card nearest to him.

In the same manner, he causes another pip to disappear underneath the second card nearest to the audience. This pip reappears under the card nearest to the performer, alongside the other 2 pips there.

Finally, the third card nearest the audience is lifted up and the pip underneath it vanishes. However, when the card nearest to the performer is lifted up, instead of seeing all 4 pips on the mat, there is nothing beneath the card. When this card is turned around, instead of a blank face, it shows the 4 of hearts printed on it. The 4 pips have vanished altogether and become printed onto the last blank card as the 4 of hearts! All the 4 cards can be examined.

You are supplied with the 4 playing cards, the 4 specially manufactured red heart pips, and a special something to enable the vanish of each of the pips to look magical. You are also given a link to a video tutorial.

Thanks to the special gimmick supplied, the effect is fairly easy to do, although you need to develop a knack of using it. The vanish of each pip is truly instantaneous and clean. The performing angle is quite wide but there must not be anyone directly behind the performer.

The red pips contrast very well with your black or dark colour close-up mat and the white blank face playing cards. For this reason, the black pips such as spades and clubs are not available. Red diamond pips are available as an alternative. You need to specify whether you want the heart or diamond pips when you place order.

A wonderfully visual and novel matrix effect which can be used as a lead-in to card magic. (Rated 5/5 stars)