ByJohn Teo

Jul 3, 2021

“Prince Jack” is a novelty packet card trick. Here is the description of the effect:

A packet of cards is shown to contain 4 face down cards. One card is turned face up to show a nice picture of a frog that has a crown on its head. It is the Frog Prince.

This is a popular fairy tale that tells of a handsome price who was cursed by a witch to become a frog.

 When the packet of cards is counted with this one face up card, all 4 cards magically turn themselves face upwards, and they all show the Frog Prince.

One of the Frog Prince cards is turned face downwards. Like before, all the 4 cards magically turn themselves face downwards.

As the story goes, the spell can only be broken if the prince is kissed by a beautiful princess.

A lady spectator is asked to blow a kiss towards the packet of cards.

Will this work? Will the frog turn back into a prince? But wait a minute … the story tells only of one Frog Prince … here are 4 Frog Princes. Is the kiss from the spectator potent enough to work for all the 4 Frog Princes?

The packet of cards is turned over and spread to show that there are now not 4 princes, but 4 Jacks – the Jack of Spades, the Jack of Hearts, the Jack of Clubs and the Jack of Diamonds! The lady spectator is congratulated on her success!

You receive all the specially printed cards plus a link to Jeremy’s personal magic coach tutorial video. The cards are beautifully and colourfully printed on good quality card stock. Jeremy will teach you the “Elmsley Count” as well as the “Ascanio Spread” that are needed for this effect. They are 2 useful sleights-of-hand that you need to know if you are interested in performing packet card tricks.

At the end of the performance, the trick resets itself – so that you are now ready to perform at another table if you are doing table-hopping magic.

Specially printed cards add fun and novelty to a card trick. The moment the audience see the cute picture of the Frog Prince, they will break into a smile. This is what magic is all about: it is about fun, imagination and wonderment.

A worthwhile investment. It is an effect that will delight both children and adults.

Highly Recommended!