Surprises are what make a magic trick effective.  To have the backs of every card in a deck in which the performer is using to perform his magic change colour from, say, blue to red, is truly surprising because no one suspects this to happen.  This is why the colour changing deck is a classic in card magic.

There are many versions of colour changing decks.  To enable the cards to change colour, something additional is obviously needed.  Some colour changing decks have the entire deck gaffed.  Others require the use of an additional something.  This second method is the secert of this month’s offering. You receive that special something to be added to your own deck of cards.  The gaff is made of bicycle card.  You need to supply your own deck of either blue or red back bicycle playing cards.  

Your gaff card comes in a small plastic wallet which can be used to keep your packet card tricks.  You also receive a DVD featuring Rudy Hunter.  The DVD is well produced and Rudy’s teaching is concise and clear.  You are also provided with a link to a web tutorial that is the same as the contents of the DVD.

The effect is as follows:  the performer shuffles a blue deck face upwards so that the audience can see that every card is different.  A spectator stops the shuffling at any time and the card stopped at is the freely slected card.  This card chosen from the blue deck is shown to have a red back.  The back of this card is brushed against the deck and now the backs of the entire deck of cards change from blue to red.  The deck can then be used to perform other card tricks.  This is a straight-forward and easy method of performing the colour changing deck.  You are also taught the proper way of doing the hindu shuffle.

With the special gaff, you can perform other interesting card effects.  4 bonus effects are taught in the DVD.

Chicago Opener – this is one of Frank Garcia’s popular effects.  A spectator freely selects a card from a blue back deck.  It is then buried back in the deck.  The performer makes a magical gesture and spreads the deck face downwards.  A red back card makes an appearance in the blue deck.  This red back card is taken out and turned over to show that it is the selected card.  Another magical gesture is made – the chosen card is turned over and its back reverts back to blue colour.

Mine – this is a variation of Chicago Opener.  By adding the word “MINE” on the red colour back, a different presentation can be obtained.  The spectator’s freely selected card turns out to be the performer’s personal card because it has a red colour back with the word “MINE” (performer’s) printed on it.  The performer says that the spectator cannot have “his” (performer’s) card.  Things are put right when the back of the chosen card revert back to blue colour and the word “MINE” has also vanished.

Mental Prediction –  this is an Al Baker’s effect.  A spectator’s freely selected card turns out to be the performer’s predicted card because it is the only red back card in the blue deck.  This red back card can be freely handled.

Imaginery Card In Wallet – this effect contains a little of each of the 3 bonus tricks described above.  A spectator freely selects a card, signs her name on the face, and loses it back into the deck.  A small plastic wallet is shown to contain a prediction card taken from a different colour deck.  When this card is turned over, it is actually the spectator’s signed card.  Just as the audience is trying to recover from this shock, the back of the signed card reverts back to its original back, causing another impossibility to occur in the audience’s eyes.  

At less than $20, this product is an excellent purchase because:

  • You get an easy version of the classic colour changing deck effect.
  • It requires only a special gaff, which is supplied. You do not have to carry an entire gaffed deck to accomplish the colour changing deck effect.
  • The supplied gaff enables you to perform other astounding effects, of which 4 are taught.

Highly recommended!